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New mobile app revolutionising local haulage industry

Local trucking haulage company Will Deliver Ltd has transformed its business with the launch of an innovative digitally-enabled mobile app.

Local trucking haulage company Will Deliver Ltd has transformed its business with the launch of an innovative digitally-enabled mobile app. The app will make it easier for companies and persons to find the lowest cost truck or van to transport their goods. Will Deliver operates a fully digital haulage service platform which connects manufacturers, distributors and individuals seeking haulage or moving services with suitable delivery vans and trucks.

Will Deliver’s CEO Roger Williams explains that the app enables shippers – businesses and persons with goods to transport – to book otherwise wasted spaces on trucks so that they only have to pay the marginal cost to transport their goods in that space. Likewise, the app enables truckers to find delivery jobs for available space on their trucks and offer that space for discounted prices. “I am really looking forward to seeing the app help companies and persons save money on delivery costs and help truckers earn more money by essentially minimising wasted truck and van space,” Williams said.

He continued, “Trucking delivery rates today reflect huge inefficiencies endemic to how the haulage industry operates. On most occasions, shippers pay the cost to move a fully loaded truck from point A to point B and return to point A empty, even if the shipper needs only a fraction of the truck’s capacity going from A to B. Therefore, companies that need to transport less-than-full truckloads end up paying high costs per unit to move their goods. Even companies that can often fill delivery trucks are still paying to have those trucks return to base empty.”

The app uses a proprietary algorithm to generate competitive quotes that reflect the specific operating circumstances for available trucks and vans in the moment of carrying out the delivery request. For example, if a trucker can do the delivery job on a backhaul trip or has an opportunity to combine the delivery with another, the app generates a lower-than-normal quote that reflects the lower cost for the trucker to do the job.

“Our app makes it easy for both shippers and truckers to realise this win-win. For shippers, it makes it quick and easy to create and post-delivery requests, get quotes from truckers, compare quotes and choose the best fit for them. The app also allows for real time location tracking so that shippers know where their goods are at all times,” Williams said.

Will Deliver Ltd launched its online platform in 2019. Since then, the company has added various types of delivery vehicles including panel vans, ‘dry’ box trucks, open back trucks and refrigerated trucks – so that shippers can find the most suitable vehicle to deliver their goods. Individuals looking to hire a delivery truck or van to move large personal items such as household furniture and appliances can also find them easily on the app.

“I really like the idea of helping one group to save money and helping another group to earn more money simultaneously. Usually, it’s one group benefiting to the detriment of the other. Now we are enabling win-win. Waste is the only loser; as it should be,” Williams said.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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