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Will Deliver: Bringing trucking service online

The company, registered under the name Will Deliver Limited is venturing unchartered waters with an online platform that allows corporate companies to find and hire delivery trucks and vans.

Three years after hanging up his hat as Chief Operating Officer at Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ), Roger Williams has taken a leap of faith with his own service business.

The company, registered under the name Will Deliver Limited is venturing unchartered waters with an online platform that allows corporate companies to find and hire delivery trucks and vans.

The business concept also removes the need for truckers to go door to door looking for hire.

Launched last year, Will Deliver has created a virtual space for businesses or shippers to choose the best option for their logistic needs.

According to Williams, there are over 6,000 vehicles – mainly trucks and vans – in Jamaica that are licensed as public commercial carriers.

However, he notes, most truckers own one or two vehicles and they usually seek delivery jobs by literally going from business place door to business place door. Not surprisingly, most truckers target the same few well-known companies for work.

However, this usually leaves the other companies unable to consistently find suitable trucks to hire to deliver their goods.

“This status quo represents a highly inefficient trucking delivery services market and Will Deliver aims to fix that by matching up truckers looking for delivery jobs with shippers that need to hire delivery trucks in that same moment,” the Williams said.

“However, our ultimate goal is to help shippers find delivery trucks that are about to return to base empty from a previous delivery. In this scenario, the cost to the shipper is substantially lower than normal,” he added.

All deliveries are covered by goods-in-transit insurance and shippers can track when they are picked up and delivered.

Williams knows of this market inefficiency from first-hand experience.

During his tenure at CPJ, Williams saw that there was a growing need for good refrigerated delivery trucks and upon leaving the company in 2016, Williams invested in two refrigerated truck and secured a delivery contract with CPJ.

As his contract with CPJ continued, Williams, however, quickly realised how underutilised his trucks’ capacity was despite having a sought-after contract with a ‘big company’. Like most similar haulage contracts between independent truckers and relatively large companies, the CPJ contract was on a will-call basis.

And on the days that CPJ did not call, Williams’ trucks often remained parked.

“On those days, I used to say to myself ‘If only there was a quick and easy way for me to find other delivery jobs and vice versa’,” said Williams.

After months of envisioning how he could increase the flow of income to truckers while creating greater efficiencies for logistic businesses, Williams contracted local software developers Ingenuity Technologies to build the prototype of the Will Deliver platform.

Over the past several weeks, Will Deliver has been selectively signing up truckers and shippers to the platform. They have been targeting truckers with a proven track record of delivering professional, reliable and safe service, with trucks in excellent condition.

Will Deliver has registered various types of delivery vehicles – including panel vans, ‘dry’ box trucks, open back trucks and refrigerated trucks – so that shippers have the opportunity to find the most suitable vehicle to deliver their goods.

It’s early days for Will Deliver’s revolutionary platform. However, Williams is confident that now is the right time to launch it.

“With today’s economic challenges, now more than any other time in many years, businesses are looking for innovative ways to add more value and lower costs. We offer a wider selection of quality truckers at market-driven rates at the click of a button. So, I think we can help,” he said.

Source: Loop News Jamaica

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Thats a.very good idea and knowing that jamaica is.not a trucking country which this gives jamaican more options and ideas to build more manufacture,warehouses all over the island so we has truckers can have more jobs.

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